Socioeconomic Reform

Socioeconomic Reform

In support of The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), The Scott Family Foundation Intl., seeks to support organizations that engage in global advocacy and cash based refugee initiatives. Advocacy helps to transform policies and services that affect displaced and stateless people on a national, regional and global level. It is a vital part of the work we seek to assist UNHCR with.

In both countries of asylum and countries of origin, we seek to support organizations that work within national political, economic and social structures to bring policies, practices and laws into compliance with international standards.

In times of forced displacement, we seek to use advocacy to influence governments, non-governmental partners and the public at large to adopt practices that ensure the protection of those in need.

Most refugees live in environments where they have access to markets and services in the same way that local communities do. Providing refugees with cash enables them to fulfil their needs in a dignified manner and contributes to the local economy.

The Scott Family Foundation Intl., seeks to support organizations that use cash-based interventions to provide protection, assistance and services to the most vulnerable. Cash and vouchers help the displaced meet a variety of needs, including access to food, water, healthcare, shelter, that allow them to build and support livelihoods, and to facilitate voluntary repatriation.

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