Community Advocacy and Protection Initiative

Community Advocacy and Protection Initiative

We at The Scott Family Foundation Intl. believe that no one can protect our community better than members of our community can.

To this end, we have developed a Community Advocacy and Protection Initiative. Our sole focus with this initiative is to ensure that the types of products, services and investments that are being introduced to our community will benefit our community. Because our community, in general, lacks adequate financial literacy training and knowledge, we are availing ourselves to the community in a way that ensures that those that come to us, have a complete and accurate picture of any sort of investment that is being proposed to them, to ensure that they can make decisions with all of the facts available. In this way, we seek to lessen the chance that individuals in our community will be taken advantage of, or, hurt financially simply because of what they do not know! If you are considering making an investment in something and want to have it looked at by members of The Scott Family Foundation Intl., or repeatable third parties that it may work with from time to time, before you make the investment, please email your inquiry to: info@scottfamilyfoundationintl.org.


*While all persons who request assistance through The Scott Family Foundation Intl’s Community Advocacy and Protection Initiative are kept confidential, by requesting assistance, you give The Scott Family Foundation Intl. and its members express consent to publish its findings on its/their blog and social media outlets at its/their sole discretion.   

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