“Home With Us” Giveaway

Home With Us

We at The Scott Family Foundation Intl., believe that home ownership is the foundation of long term economic stability in the African American Community. Through The Scott Family Foundation Intl. “Home With Us” Giveaway, The Scott Family Foundation Intl. seeks to give away a house to one lucky person or family four times a year. 

Three out of every four African Americans agree with the statement ‘home ownership is a key step in the path toward financial stability and freedom’.

The “Home With Us” house giveaway benefits ongoing programs of TSFF Intl.’s Inner City Economic Development and Sustainability Initiative,  designed to provide individuals, families and communities with tools to help map successful paths to financial security.

A lucky individual or family will have the opportunity to win a new home valued at least $200,000. The “Home With Us” Giveaway is only available to members of TSFF Intl’s Empowerment Circle, to learn more more about the Empowerment Circle click here.

The winner of the “Home With Us” Giveaway will not need to be present at the time of the drawing, and if the winner should so choose, they may opt for a one-time cash prize of $100,000 instead of the home. In either case, the winner of the grand prize will be responsible to pay any and all taxes on their prize, in accordance with state and federal regulations. TSFF Intl. will be responsible for any closing costs within 45 days of the drawing. Additionally, the winner will be required to complete a financial literacy course and to complete 24 hours of community service.

Winners of The Scott Family Foundation Intl’s “Home With Us” Giveaway, will receive their house free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. The home will be fully furnished (“move in” ready). Where necessary, winners will be flown down to the location of their home and provided a hotel (if requested) by TSFF Intl. where keys to their home will be presented to them on site. All travel expenses (including hotel stay) will be covered by TSFF Intl.

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