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Empowerment Circle Membership Benefits:


Membership benefits of The Scott Family Foundation Intl’s Empowerment Circle are multi-pronged to include:


Membership in TSFF Intl’s Empowerment Circle  ensures that you have an opportunity to be heard on the issues specific to you. Through our annual conference, we will provide unprecedented access to our senior leadership team. The priority areas of focus for the following year will be based, in part, on the feedback we get from our members during these annual conferences.


As a member of TSFF Intl’s Empowerment Circle, you are eligible for up to a 50% discount on all products and services offered by our partners. In addition, ex offenders, who are members of the Empowerment Circle have the opportunity to receive a tuition assistance grant from TSFF Intl. and/or assistance in securing grants from outside organizations to participate in vocational training programs in: Electrical, Wielding, Construction, Plumbing, Auto Repair and Commercial Truck Driving. These tuition assistance grants may significantly reduce, or eliminate entirely, tuition for these programs.**


Tap into the TSFF Intl’s extensive network of thought-leaders, comprised of foundation, business  and nonprofit executives. We will offer year-round opportunities for you to expand your professional network and gain access to business experts in-person and virtually.


As an Empowerment Circle Member you are eligible to participate in all “Home With Us” giveaways, throughout the year, at no additional cost. For more information on the “Home With Us” giveaway please click here.


The Scott Family Foundation Intl. is proud to offer the following self-study educational courses to its Empowerment Circle Members:

Empowerment Circle (Silver) Level: 

Empowerment Circle (Sliver) Level members are offered the following courses:

Savings and Budgeting
Interest and Debt
Car Expenses
Income and Benefits
Paying for College
Keeping Your Information Safe

Empowerment Circle (Gold) Level: 

Empowerment Circle (Gold) Level members are offered the following courses:

Savings and Budgeting
Investment And Retirement
Interest And Debt

Empowerment Circle (Platinum) Level: 

Empowerment Circle (Platinum) Level members are offered the following courses:

Small Business Development
Estate Planning

In addition, Empowerment Circle (Platinum) Level members will receive access to a business plan template and various e-guides (Provided by SCORE).

*Discounts offered by TSFF Intl's partners to members of the Empowerment Circle are based on the Empowerment Circle membership level that a member is signed up for, please see membership levels here. Partners have the right to amend the discount amount offered to members of the Empowerment Circle, with or without notice, at their sole discretion.

** Admission into Vocational Training Programs is determined by the institution providing the vocational training in its sole discretion. TSFF Intl. has no input in admission decisions and cannot guarantee admission to any member who applies to these programs. The amount of TSFF Intl’s tuition assistance grant is based on a number of criteria, each individuals circumstances are different and thus, tuition grant determinations are made on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of TSFF Intl and the organizations that we may work with, from time to time, to assist in the issuance of grant awards.  

***All Empowerment Circle members who complete the educational courses (in their membership tier) with a passing grade of 80% or better will receive a digital certificate of completion from The Scott Family Foundation Intl. Empowerment Circle courses are the content of and from: The Khan Academy, Better Money Habits, SCORE, Deluxe, NAV, The Small Business Administration (SBA), 180LawCo and others. 
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