Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Fredrick D. Scott

Founder, Chairman – Board of Trustees and President of The Scott Family Foundation Intl.

Fredrick D. Scott is the founder of the New York City–based foundation, The Scott Family Foundation Intl. Scott is a former financial consultant, private equity investor, venture capitalist, Investment Banking and Advisory firm founder and is currently a motivational speaker. Named one of Ebony magazine’s “Top 30 Under 30” in May 2010 at the age of 25, Scott was, at the time, the youngest African American hedge fund founder in history. The former Wall Street wunderkind is now ready to revolutionize the economic development landscape in the minority community.

A once sought after financial expert, Scott has appeared on TVOne’s “Washington Watch” with Roland Martin and on New York’s Hot 97-FM. He also spoke at the annual conferences for the National Action Network, the National Bankers Association, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and the renowned Eagle Academy. Scott is the quintessential definition of “failing your way to success”. Though never indicted, due to unfortunate and perplexing circumstances, Scott plead guilty to a “white collar” crime and spent nearly 5 years of his life inside the Federal Prison system in the United States. This experience changed his life and gave him an eye opening, first hand experience of what it truly means to be “Black and Muslim in America”.

He now spends his time educating the minority community on various aspects of personal and professional growth, development, sustainability and consistency. He advocates for positive change through his push for unity within the community, hard work, education and dedication to one’s life goals and objectives. He uses the lessons from his own experiences to highlight the importance of focusing on long term objectives and not sacrificing the same for a seemingly promising shortcut that provides instant gratification at the cost of the long-term viability and stability of the individual, family and community as a whole.

In 2009, he served as the Founder and CEO of ACI Capital Group, LLC, an S.E.C. registered Investment Advisory Firm that, according to regulatory filings, had 3.7 billion dollars in assets. Here he was responsible for all of the investment bank’s banking, advisory, and operational matters. A devout Muslim, Scott has lived and traveled extensively abroad and is fluent in Italian.

Erica Miller

Vice President and Member of the Board of Trustees

Erica brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Education space to the board. She is a K-6 General / Special Education teacher in New Jersey with over ten years of experience in the field. She specializes in working with students with troubled backgrounds and developmental disabilities. Through her vast experience with troubled youth, Erica understands the struggles these students face in the educational environment.

“Working with troubled youth, most of which come from within the African American community, has given me an eye-opening perspective into the different types of ingenuitive teaching methodologies, time, care and dedication that an educator must put in with this class of students to be able to reach them in an impactful manner that spurs lasting results in the student’s life.


Unfortunately, due to a lack of cohesive vision at the administrative level and financial capacity, the current academic model is not designed to address the needs of these students in a consistent way; so, most fall through the cracks and are left to fend for themselves in a system that is not designed with their success in mind. It is my goals to use my position in The Scott Family Foundation Intl. to develop initiatives and work with outside organizations to address these gaps in a meaningful way!

Erica is a graduate of Felician University with a degree in Education and she is a mother of one.

Michael Kasen

Member of the Board of Trustees and the Secretary for The Scott Family Foundation Intl.

Michael Kasen is an Associate with the boutique law firm, Kasen & Kasen, which has offices in New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, NJ and Wilmington, DE specializing in the representation of family owned businesses that are experiencing financial distress. Mr. Kasen has been involved in the reorganization of a myriad of businesses including health care businesses, real estate businesses, manufacturing businesses and hospitality businesses, as well as representing high profile individual debtors.

Mr. Kasen currently serves on the Board of Directors for McCurdy Center GP, Inc., a company involved in the development and operation of not for profit low income independent and assisted living facilities throughout the state of Florida catering towards under-represented populations. Mr. Kasen takes great pride in volunteering his time to help those less fortunate navigate an often-complex legal system that is too often skewed to only benefit those with the means to navigate it complexities.

Prior to beginning his career in the law, Mr. Kasen attended Rutgers University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Economics in 2005. Mr. Kasen was a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, an International Economics Honor Society. He then attended Rutgers University School of Law where he graduated with a juris doctorate degree in 2008. While in law school Mr. Kasen participated in moot court and the bankruptcy pro-bono program.”

Terracia Brown-Wilkins

Member of the Board of Trustees and the Treasurer for The Scott Family Intl. U.S.

Terracia brings over 17 years of commercial and residential real estate experience to the board. She has collaborated with real estate investors and advised on affordable housing projects in the Atlanta Metro area of Georgia for the better part of her career. Her deep understanding of the fundamentals of affordable housing give her a unique perspective on this subject.

“Affordable housing is a great concept, a great idea; however, like many concepts, execution is where things become a challenge. With cumbersome rules and procedures to access most affordable housing programs due to the government funding involved in a lot of these program(s), those who need it most are often excluded from access to the scarce and much needed resources available. Due to the abundance of need and the often strained budgets of these programs, even if you do qualify for these programs, the wait to actually gain access to the program can take months, sometimes even a year or more. It is my goal to be able to develop better programs and initiatives that address this issue from the bottom up. Through financial literacy training, career training, job placement and access to real affordable housing that allows the person or family in need to be able to have a stable consistent home while they save for their future and put themselves in a better position for success in life is not only a goal of mine, it is a passion!”

Terracia is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Mecca Chapter, Junior League of Douglas County, Volunteer with Aid Atlanta and the Susan G. Koman Foundation. In addition to her real estate endeavors, Terracia owns “Posh Events Boutique”, an event planning center in Austell, GA. Terracia is married with two children

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